Spring Forward! New Technologies For The Modern Entrepreneur

Future Technology

In honor of Daylight Savings (yeah, that might why your day feels a little off) Cohere members are springing forward in time–and chiming in on futuristic inventions that would help them at work.  Take a look at these clever ideas—this office is brimming with creativity!

Hologram Meetings

Many independent professionals have clients and customers all over the country (or world). In-person meetings are the best way to gauge a client’s character because so much is communicated without words. Skype is an improvement over the regular phone call, but it’s still not as good as the real thing. That’s why we want holographic screens already. Then we can interface with our computer by simply gesturing with our hands at a holographic image. We’ll never misunderstand someone’s tone again. Win.


Computer glitches, bugs, freezes, and crashes are the bane of our mobile, online existence. We want a single USB device that can be plugged in without installing a driver, then diagnose and fix our laptop’s ailment. No warranty needed.

Transportation Tubes

We like working in different places with different people. We like going to conferences and meetups, and festivals that allows us to make new connections and learn new things. But long distance travel is for the birds, and flying is a drag. We want pneumatic tubes that will allow us to travel in a fraction of the time, all while playing relaxing music. C’mon, we’ve all seen Futurama–we know the technology exists! (We will also accept the transporter beam from Star Trek).

The Holo-Desk

Speaking of Star Trek…coworkers are fine with working at a different desk everyday, but sometimes we just wish that desk was in Paris, or the beach, or in a peaceful meadow. Instead of the Holodeck, we want a desk that allows us to invent our own surroundings, depending on mood and the type of work we’ve got to do. Cranking out a project while enjoying own personal paradise? Yes please 🙂

OK, most of these are a little silly, but hey, we can dream right? Besides the “Easy Button,” what futuristic technologies would make your life easier as a business owner or freelancer? Tell us in the comments!


Image credit: Flickr – opensourceway


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