WFH Loneliness is Survivable. Here’s How

Drive-Up Carworking

Societies around the world have been upended over the last few months. Millions of people are suddenly faced with serious obstacles to balancing their home life and their work life as the two have unexpectedly collided. For many people that are suddenly working from home, depression or anxiety may set in. Some may find working from home lonely, while others may find it overwhelming, especially if multiple people are suddenly at home or if there are kids that require attention as well.

Whether you are working at home due to geographical location, health reasons, or personal preference, there are many challenges to working remotely. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.

Cohere is a friendship-based coworking community comprised of remote workers and freelancers that specialize in many different fields. It’s not just a place to work, it is a place to connect and to grow. We understand the importance of community not only to learn and grow professionally but also to address the psychological effects of working from home. Adjusting to working from home can be trying at times; creating and maintaining positive connections can help to boost your mood and increase productivity.

There’s no way that the Cohere community plans on letting anything stop us from making and maintaining positive human connection. Positive human interaction is capable of helping us get us through anything— be that a marketing conundrum, a personal loss, or a global pandemic. If you are learning how to survive working from home and could use some support, guidance, and companionship but can’t get out of the house, we’ve got you covered with our new virtual membership options!

New Virtual Memberships:

The Virtual Lunchroom Membership is a free option that provides members with a chance to touch base with other remote workers. Get a quick, social pick-me-up at a virtual lunchroom every Thursday at 11:30 AM, or catch up at our virtual Happy Hours every other Tuesday at 4:30 PM.

Our $19 a month Virtual Lite Membership provides members with all of the amenities of the Virtual Lunchroom Membership plus get your week off to a productive start with virtual work sprints each Monday morning at 9 AM, and keep up the momentum by joining any of the other impromptu work sprints throughout the week. Our members have found these virtual work sprints to be incredibly effective at increasing motivation. Virtual Lite members in Fort Collins also accumulate one future day pass each month to work at Cohere Coworking in person once conditions have improved.

If you feel like your productivity has been dropping off since you started working from home, the $69 a month Virtual Max Membership may be just the thing for you! Along with amazingly productive work sprints and virtual social gatherings, you will have access to group productivity sessions which help to provide additional structure and accountability to your work from home routine. These productivity sessions, which include goal setting and accountability, meet once or twice a week and are a great way to ensure that you are staying on track towards your goals. This membership provides three future day passes each month allowing the member to work at Cohere Coworking in person once conditions have improved.

During these challenging times, for those “The wifi just went down” or “I need a few minutes away to concentrate” moments, Cohere even offers its members drive up carworking. Park your car in one of the marked parking spots next to the building and take advantage of our blazing-fast wifi without having to physically interact with anyone else. The user name and password for our wifi will be provided when you sign up for a membership.

One more time, here are the links to the new virtual memberships

  • Virtual Lunchroom Free (includes 1-2 social events per month + free “carworking”)
  • Virtual Lite $19 per month (includes social events, work sprints, free “carworking” and 1 future coworking day pass/month)
  • Virtual Max  $69 per month (includes social events, work sprints, small group accountability, free “carworking” and 3 future coworking day passes/month)
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