The Art of Cohere: A Nostalgic Visual Tour

Cohere is not your average coworking space.

It’s not housed in a traditional office space, instead, it is housed in an unusual building that was built in 1964 that has five levels and a butterfly roof. While our bookshelves do have a respectable collection of business-related books, they also contain Far Side comics, a fair number of Joss Whedon DVDs, a unicorn pinata, and you are more likely to hear quotes that came from Fred Rogers or local small business owners exchanged than you are to hear corporate leaders mentioned. Like the rest of Cohere, the art pieces that line the walls are eccentric, unique, and a lot of fun.

The Welcoming Committee

Cohere’s old town Fort Collins office space is friendly, community-focused, and a little bit quirky, and those traits are reflected in the images that grace our walls. The collection of characters that welcome you into Cohere include an antlered Clancy T. Picklebottom on a bike, a rescued Miss Colorado, and a one-of-a-kind hybrid from the mind of John Garvey.

Equine Energy

In the ancient art of Feng Shui, horses are considered to be auspicious symbols that are said to bring strength, forward motion, success, and recognition. Zebras, on the other hand, are hardly ever mentioned in relation to Feng Shui. Cohere’s art collection has both.

Look Closely at the Landscapes

No art collection is complete without a few landscapes here and there. Cohere has an image of a beautiful sun-streaked sky along a lonely stretch of road, as well as two lovely autumn landscapes. One autumn painting shows a stately buck standing next to a waterfall, and the other focuses on a duck next to a peaceful stream—with a UFO in the background.

Bountiful Birds

There is a flock of brightly colored birds that adorn the walls at Cohere as well, most of them from Pier 1 Imports. These cheerful feathered friends help to brighten the day of anyone that they encounter and are frequently mentioned by our visitors.

Musical Marvels

It’s no secret that we Coherians love our music. We often have mini-concerts by members during our virtual lunchroom on Tuesdays. These dynamic black and white concert photos by the incomparable Kirsten Cohen of Boulder, Colorado add electric energy to our smaller conference room.

And These…

If UFO landscapes, horses nor birds interest you, we have a couple more hidden gems like the below colorful pieces. We also have 1980’s band posters hidden around but you’ll have to come in person to find those.

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