Virtual Coworking: Not as Sh!tty As We Thought

I began my membership at Cohere for a practical and mundane reason. I needed the room.

It’s hard to run any sort of business from a living room couch in a small apartment, especially when that couch is just two steps away from a well-stocked refrigerator. Bringing my projects to Cohere so I could work alongside other motivated professionals– and a little further from the kitchen– did wonders for my productivity and confidence levels. Over time, I learned more about the individuals working around me and valuable and cherished professional and personal friendships developed. It’s how coworking works.

But how does coworking work, when you aren’t able to congregate with others in the same physical space?

Surprisingly well, it turns out.

While coworking virtually does not solve the space problem, it does provide other valuable tools to help remote workers better navigate the challenges of working from home. Participating in coworking online, much like in-person coworking, can improve productivity, boost motivation, and help to combat the social isolation that often comes along with remote working.

It’s nice to have a virtual community, especially in the midst of all the madness.— Cohere member and Graphic Designer Courtney Keller

Social isolation is one of the more difficult aspects of adjusting to working from home.

Isolation from others leads to depression and anxiety which may manifest as poor sleeping habits, irritability, and inhibited executive functioning in the brain. To combat social isolation, Cohere hosts a virtual Lunchroom every Thursday at 11:30 AM, and a virtual Happy Hour at 4:30 PM every other Tuesday.

Not only are these events an opportunity for a little fun and levity in the middle of the day, members occasionally show off their artistic skills as well, including piano and guitar recitals, dinosaur drawings, and at one of our Happy Hours, a great demonstration on how to make a drink called a Déjà vu. These events can be accessed for free by anyone with a Virtual Lunchroom Membership.

I love the virtual lunch room!— Cohere member and Cost Accountant Gina Hooten

It can be a challenge to muster motivation.

If you find your motivation flagging, the Virtual Lite Membership might be more your speed. Along with access to the virtual Lunchroom and Happy Hour, the $19 Virtual Lite Membership also admits you to virtual group work sprints, which our members have found to be exceptionally motivating and energizing. Members meet up via Zoom, introduce themselves, and give a basic description of what they plan to do– then work for an hour.

There are often several impromptu virtual work sprints throughout the week as well as regular sprints held every Monday at 9 AM. In addition, the Virtual Lite Membership accumulates one future day pass each month to work at Cohere Coworking in person once conditions have improved.

I can’t join the sprint today- but it was super helpful yesterday!!! I loved it. Thanks @angel!!— Cohere member and Antarctic Project Manager Sheryl Seagraves

Power up your Productivity

Individuals who find themselves in need of an extra boost in productivity will want to look at the $69 Virtual Max Membership. Not only do Virtual Max members have access to all of the amenities of the previous two packages, but they also have access to special group productivity sessions designed to help you meet a goal or goals of your choosing. Members that are participating in cotivation productivity sessions meet once a week to collaborate, discuss their goals, and the hone their plans to meet those goals. Cotivation groups may also choose to meet a second time each week for an additional motivational work sprint.

The Virtual Max Membership provides three future day passes each month that will allow the member to work at Cohere Coworking in person once conditions have improved.

Thanks for cotivation guys! I’ve definitely got more fire under me since.— Cohere member and Writer Penny Sebring

During these challenging times, Cohere even offers its members drive up carworking, so you don’t have to worry about your WiFi going out. Park your car in one of the marked parking spots next to the building and take advantage of our blazing-fast wifi without having to physically interact with anyone else. The user name and password for our wifi will be provided when you sign up for a membership.

Whether you are looking for a remote work community because you are in need of a serious boost in productivity, or because you just need a little more human interaction, we’ve got you covered. Stop by our website and sign up today!

One more time, here are the links to the new virtual office memberships

  • Virtual Lunchroom Free (includes 6 social events per month + free “carworking”)
  • Virtual Lite $19 per month (includes 6 social events, 4+ work sprints, free “carworking” and 1 future coworking day pass/month)
  • Virtual Max $69 per month (includes 6 social events, 6+ work sprints, small group accountability, free “carworking” and 3 future coworking day passes/month)