What is #inappropriatecorner?

What started as a joke at Podcampfc has become quite the hot topic @coherellc lately.  Not only is it a comfy seating area it is a place where you can just be you.  However weird or extraordinary that may be.  Maybe it’s just a state of mind or a shared sense of meaning making that we all want to be a part of.

#Inappropriate corner serves a few different purposes at Cohere…

  • It really is a corner, 2 walls that form a corner.  A geometry lesson in its simplest form.
  • A place to have a meeting.  Meetings so far have ranged in topic from marketing your services to a government institution to marketing porn sites to a method of revenue generation for Cohere via sponsorships and disco balls.  Hey, a paycheck is a paycheck.  We already determined yesterday that many freelancers are creative whores for money so it all fits together.
  • @reusmith’s permanent desk.  If Reu is here, fun times are to be had by all.  Reu is always up for a laugh and Nick Armstrong helps make any phrase or comment a gutter ball…hence the inappropriate in #inappropriatecorner.

Don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what other founding members of #inappropriatecorner have to say:

“#inappropriatecorner: a place of unabashed frivolity and inappropriateness of all forms, where wings take dream.”  -@Kevin_u

“is where we unleash the inner unprofessional.  One of the great things about coworking is you don’t have to worry about sexual harassment b/c we have inappropriate corner” -@rockstar_

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