Wordcamp Boulder #wcboulder

All the members at Cohere understand that I struggle “to hang” technically with most of them.  I even bookmarked a couple of glossaries and “Gale Acronyms” so I can quickly look up a term like DWAI (it means Don’t Worry About It, I thought it was short for Diwali) or pwned (means to own or “take” someone, I thought we were playing chess).

Suffice it to say, walking into to Wordcamp on Saturday, unarmed with any type of technical glossary (let alone a snarky t-shirt or quirky fashion accessory), caused a bit of anxiety in me. When we (@savysarah and I) went into the theater and the ENTIRE room was lit by the soft blue hue of at least 50 iPads and laptops, apples glowing, I quickly put away my non-touch, Verizon powered cell phone (that didn’t drop a single call all day) so we wouldn’t have a case of Body Snatcher schreeching.

After my initial anxiety subsided I was ready for the first session on building a blog community.  I wrote down a couple of key tidbits thinking that I had died and gone to online community building/expert heaven.  Shortly after, the session took a turn and fell into a rabbit hole of  legal ramifications regarding comment moderation.  We left to seek out another session.

We found ourselves in a Design Panel and quickly realized that we weren’t the right audience to listen to their “theories of design,” so we moved on to claim our complimentary coffees at Atlas and then moved on to the “Meet with Grogger” session. Normally, I’m “pitch averse” but the guys at Grogger (now called Kapost at @kapostful) were so cheerful and welcoming that I immediately wanted to know more.  After determining that Kapost will solve most of my community blogging/sharing woes, I went to have lunch with @savysarah.

We picked up 2 married guys to share a table (we’re SO rebellious) and enjoyed a deelish meal and met a couple new friends along the way.  Shortly after lunch we went to @clevercubed’s “User Interface” session to provide moral support, which turns out, he SO didn’t need b/c he crushed it!  We were so twitterpated to watch our friend and fellow @coherellc-er win over a crowd with his intellect and humor.

We wrapped up our day back in the theater to hear @janeforshort from WordPress talk about the future of WP.  I was impressed by her vast knowledge of both WP and techie stuff in general and feel inspired to continue to learn more and more about teh intarwebs and haxoring. CTTOI, maybe I’ll have cutting edge knowledge like that one day about coworking!

Bottom line: Wordcamp was worth it because I met some awesome people, learn a bit and exercised the Law of Two Feet.  Let’s continue the awesomeness at Freelancecamp Fort Collins on 7/28/10.

**and @brentter is the smartest, funniest, most handsome Wordcamper evar and I accidentally left him out of this post the first time around!

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