Work Is Killing You (Or 10 Reasons To Try Cohere's Standing Desk)

sleeping at desk

Happy Monday Morning Coworkers!!

How’re you feeling today? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Or is that tail dragging on the ground?

Even though we work in a much cooler space than most people, the truth of the matter is even entrepreneurs spend the vast majority of their day/week/weekend/life seated in front of a computer screen.

And it’s KILLING US. No, not metaphorically. Literally.

Why? Because we aren’t moving any more. Oh yes, our brains (and fingers) might be going a mile a minute, but unfortunately that does burn nearly enough calories to keep us healthy. More shocking truths about what our awesome-but-sedentary jobs are doing to us in the infographic below.

We like our coworkers alive here at Cohere, so that’s why we installed a Ninja Standing Desk in the pink room. As this article explains, “Standing allows your body to adjust and move easily flexing your muscles continuously. It also keeps your blood circulating well. All this keeps your blood sugar better regulated and keeps your blood pressure lower. And it lets you live longer.” Hooray.

So if you find your legs (or brain) going numb this week, take and hour or two at the standing desk. Your body will thank you.




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