9 Stats That Prove Coworking Really Does Work [Infographic]


Are you a skeptic? Do you resist emotional assessments and rely instead on cold, hard, fact?

We use a lot of warm and fuzzy language when we talk about coworking. We use words like “community,” “relationships,” ¬†“openness,” and “collaboration.” You may be thinking, “that all sounds nice, but is there any REAL proof coworking we really make me happier and more successful?”

We’re so glad you asked.

We’ve got some friends over in Germany who run a little publication called Deskmag. It’s the first online magazine completely dedicated to the global coworking community in the world. Every year, they take it upon themselves to conduct a massive online survey of location-independent workers all over the world. Then, they analyze the results from about 50 different angles and use the data to help inform those inside and outside the community.

This year, they rustled up a neat little infographic to show off some of the most impressive statistics. So here’s your proof. Happy scrolling!



Image via jakeandlindsay/Flickr

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