A Quick Way to Choose the Best Face Mask for Office Work

What is it really like to wear a mask all day in the office? We’ll tell you all about it!

Many people are used to wearing masks in situations that are inherently a little sweaty to begin with: running errands, pushing a shopping cart, getting in and out of a hot car and being outdoors to exercise around other people. This makes the prospect of having to wear a mask for hours at a time in the office a little daunting.

Sitting in an air-conditioned space at a computer is a much more tolerable way to log some hours in a face mask. Trust us. We’ve been masking full time for months and we have absolutely wasted time and money on the worst masks for office work. AND we’ve found some pretty great ones along the way. Will wearing a mask ever feel like the olden days of going “face-commando?” Of course not.

So which is the best mask to wear at my desk all day?

TL;DR the disposable paper ear loop masks with integrated nose wire win for breath-ability, coolness and ease of use. The cons are that you can’t reuse them so you’ll end up spending more money and would be better off purchasing a few washable fabric ones that will last all year.

The most important aspect of choosing the right mask for office work is FIT. If your mask is uncomfortable, doesn’t stay in place, creeps down when you talk or wanders up your face when you smile, you don’t have the right mask for your face. A well-fitting mask that doesn’t pinch or have gaps will make your life easier. The less you have to adjust your mask while wearing it, the better.

AND, personal preference is all over the place on this depending on hair length, glasses, earbuds, hearing aids and more that’s why we indicate whether each mask performs for each variable in the infographic below.

Take a look at all the criteria and we’re sure you’ll be able to find a mask you can tolerate in the office.

Infographic about styles of masks for office work for Covid
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