Cohere Town Hall Meetings: A Summary

In preparation for Cohere’s move/expansion in March, we held 3 town hall meetings to gather feedback and discuss our wildest dreams for our coworking community and space. A little over half of the members attended a meeting and here’s what happened.

1) Members wrote down their favorite memory of Cohere. The art project that incorporates them is coming soon.

2) Angel shared with members the concept of collaborative consumption and thinking about how Cohere can SHARE everything: what we know, what we have, the space and more.

3) Everyone brainstormed what we need in a physical space (some far fetched), events that could be held in the space and ideas to fund raise for the new space.

Physical things we need in the new space that we don’t have now:

  • A much larger kitchen with a real stove and large table to eat around as a group
  • More whiteboards
  • A rec room
  • Plasma monitor for presentations
  • Outdoor/patio/roof space
  • Different areas for quiet vs. collaborative work
  • Lockers
  • More places for phone booths
  • Different lighting/or no light options
  • The members are okay with offering private offices

Events that can be held in the space to bring in more revenue:

  • Art openings
  • TedX
  • Camps like FreelanceCamp
  • Meetups
  • Clubs
  • Corporate retreats/meetings
  • Receptions
  • Business parties
  • Band practice

Ideas for fundraising:

  • Have an all member yard or bake sale with all revenue going towards the new building
  • Pre-lease out space in advance
  • Take pledges or donations
  • Create a Cohere coupon book to sell that offers discounts on member services
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