Coworking in Loveland, Colorado

The Loveland arm of the Cohere Coworking Community started on June 29th with just three of us. Now we threaten to bust right out of our private room in Daz Bog. We alternate between 2 and 7 coworkers.

From left: Dusty, (Angel), Heidi, John and Megan

When coworkers 8 and 9 start to show up regularly we’re¬†going to need some new digs…preferably a donated space in the downtown area that has magically quick and reliable internet. I’m accepting all reasonable offers at this time.

The coworkers who brave the musical selection whims of the Daz Bog employees are just as diverse as you’d want them to be. They harken from graphic design, on-the-road event promotion, spatial mapping, software development, copy writing and me, the ring leader of this technically creative circus of awesome.

Are you working from home and pining for socialization with two legged friends? Join us every Tuesday at the downtown DazBog in Loveland between 11a-5p. No need to RSVP, just show up! We cowork in the back room of the coffee shop. It’s fun, it’s free and we’ll be here.

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