Featured Member Monday: Meet Lisa McDonald


Lisa Pezel McDonald
Integrated Connections, LLC

Lisa McDonald is an expert at making connections. In fact, connections are so much a part of her professional life that it’s one of only two words in the name of her business. Integrated Connections is a cutting-edge search and placement firm specializing in career and speaker placements for integrative medical professionals. With so much emphasis on recognizing individual talents and helping people to find a community in which they’ll be appreciated, it only makes sense that Lisa would feel right at home as a coworker at Cohere.

Like many of us, Lisa was comfortable working independently, but sometimes felt like the walls were closing in…

“Because of the extensive phone work, I was missing more personal interaction and connection to my own community” Lisa said. “My job is to connect people to opportunities, but I was feeling disconnected from what was happening outside my little bubble and in the community.  So I did an online search for shared office space and some onsite visits.  The minute I walked into Cohere I knew it was the place for me.”

Lisa’s first day of coworking happened last summer, and she’s been a big fan ever since. Her favorite part is the people. “Such a great diverse group and so impressed how helpful everyone is,” she said. “It’s awesome that there are different professions represented and that you can bounce problems and ideas off of others and get unique perspectives.  The networking opportunities are a huge benefit as well.  I have personally used the services of some of the members and so fortunate to be connected to such talented people. It’s also makes me feel much more connected to the community. The space is great too!”

Since becoming a part of the Cohere community, Lisa has been reenergized, and that’s been a visible benefit to her business. Recently she started to expand speaking opportunities to include health education seminars at the workplace as part of wellness programs.

For those who aren’t sure if a coworking space is the right environment for their growing business, Lisa advises not to be afraid of something new. “Cohere is a great place to connect to smart, funny, talented professionals that enhance your productivity and creativity. I really feel it also brings a greater sense of connection to the community. I think being at Cohere has helped to inspire me and my work.”

Be sure to say hi to Lisa next time you’re at the office!

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