How To Cowork at Cohere: A New Member Guide

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Coworking is a fun, social and productive alternative to working from home or the coffee shop.  You need just a few essential things to cowork effectively.

  • Your laptop & integrated or external wireless receiver + your power cord and any other laptop accessories you like to use.
  • Your cell phone.  Cohere doesn’t have a phone line since we all just use our cell phones anyway.


  • A happy, helpful attitude.
  • A project to work on or your normal daily work routine.

What to do when you get to Cohere:

  • Before you leave home: Check out the Check In page at This will allow you to see who is where in case there’s a specific member you’re dying to see.
  • When you first get to Cohere or Cothere, please check in. See above.
  • Pick a place to sit.  We have different seating options to suit your needs which you’ll learn about on the tour.


  • Introduce yourself to your fellow coworkers.  Take a moment to learn what they’re working on and let them know what projects you’re tackling.
  • Begin being wildly productive.  Collaborate with others, ask them questions, offer advice or help your coworkers and start building your coworking community.
  • Enjoy Cohere’s free coffee and amazing work atmosphere.
  • Any questions or problems, ask your neighbor.

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Advanced Involvement Options:

  • Like our Facebook Page.
  • Follow our latest pics on Instagram for Cohere Bandwidth.
  • Get added to our private Facebook Group. Instructions should be in your Welcome email.
  • Never lunch alone. Inviting coworkers to join you for food or drink is a natural way to get to know everyone a little better.

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