Join Cohere Coworking by September 5: $50 off First Month

September marks a special time in the respiration of a community. After the long exhale of summer recreation, camps, vacations and endless snacks, the inhale goes something like this, “OMG, my kids are finally back in school and I REALLY need to get some work done.”

Luckily, Cohere has rearranged our schedule to offer you, the at-home worker, THE best program we have starting on September 5th AND a nice discount for your first month of membership. Skip the rest of this reading and schedule your tour right now!

Are you thinking, “I thought shared work spaces just offered desks and wifi?” I mean, I don’t want to come out and say that you’re wrong because you’re not wrong. Many, many coworking spaces do just offer desks and wifi and that’s neat if you want your space to be basic.

Cohere’s not basic. We baked a layer of community under the delicious layer cake that is the Cohere experience.

Our magical community program is called Cotivation. Cotivation is a six week goal setting and accountability group only offered to Coherians. Cotivation is life-changing and don’t take it from me. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner or remote employee, Cotivation is FOR YOU and here’s what the Cotivators have to say about it.


Coherian Gina, remote Accountant for a large university

I summarized this last Cotivation as being a Cattle prod, a Life Line, and a Confessional. Cotivation gets me going when I have hit a wall or mired myself in a rut. It drags me out of the house when [pajama] momentum has taken hold. It gives me place to be frank about how a project is actually progressing and somehow magically gives me the insight to turn it around. I love Cotivation.

For a new Coherian, Cotivation is the perfect immersion program.  You get to know people fast, and start using your membership right away. None of this signing up for a coworking office and then never coming in for “reasons”.  Also, I think you see the soul of Cohere in Cotivation.



Andy Brown Technology Consultant

Coherian Andy, changing his career from technical to creative after Cotivation

I have been looking for a new direction and a new career opportunity, I would never have found those two things without being involved in Cotivation and getting the support and ideas from my fellow participants.

As someone that sometimes finds it hard to make friends, Cotivation has been a great opportunity for me to bond with fellow Coherians.A new member will benefit immediately from joining Cotivation by getting to know fellow members at a level that would otherwise take them much longer to achieve.




Coherian Michelle, Dating Coach

Cotivation is pivotal to me and my business. I am entirely extrinsically motivated and I didn’t even learn what that meant until I joined Cotivation. It is invaluable to have the face-to-face support in a world where everything is online now.

I have initiated two start-ups while attending Cotivation meetings and I could have not met my timelines of the beginning parts of my business without it. It kept me on track whereas on my own, I would have floundered for weeks.

I joined Cotivation as a new Coherian. It helped me meet new like-minded people and it made me see that my entrepreneurial struggles are not unique. I learned invaluable ways to handle the unique demands this path brings.




Cotivation is often spearheaded and facilitated by other Cohere members. If you are looking for a way to grow and expand your skills, leading a session of Cotivation is perfect!

Coherian Chrysta, Career Coach


Cotivation is where I connect with the Cohere community to make friends and discover business opportunities within the community. I’ve found good friends and been hired to do work by three of my fellow Cotivators after we participated in Cotivation together!




Come try out Cotivation for yourself. The next group starts on Wednesday, September 5th and we want to meet you and stick a fork in your goals! Join Cohere by September 5th and get $50 off your first month of membership. Schedule a tour and then review the membership choices. Feeling even MORE research-y? Here’s how membership really works at Cohere.
$50 off promotion expires on September 5th. Only valid on plans starting at $69/mo and higher.
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