Membership Options at Cohere Coworking

Cohere Coworking has a large variety of options when it comes to membership levels.

Each level—from 100% virtual to your own private office—includes access to the coworking community. This means access to a wide variety of professionals who are happy to offer moral support, share resources, and form friendships.

The levels are mostly categorized by the type of environment your work requires and the amount of time you plan to spend with us each month. This handy guide will help you to decide which membership option best fits your individual needs.

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Virtual Membership–100% online

Our virtual membership is designed to keep our members in contact with one another, even when we aren’t in the same physical space. Using tools such as video conferencing through Zoom and instant messaging through Slack, we are able to continue supporting one another, whether we are on the same block or halfway around the world from one another.

My virtual membership at Cohere has helped me stay connected to other entrepreneurs working from home remotely with work sprints, productivity, and goal setting events such as Cotivation. It has made such a positive impact working from home so I don’t get distracted, stay focused, and can trade ideas and bounce questions off of others.—Cohere Member Janet P.

Best for workers who:

  • Live in a distant city or town
  • Live in a rural or remote location of Colorado
  • Are homebound
  • Are otherwise unable to physically visit the office

Day Pass

Cohere offers day passes as well as month-to-month membership options. Not only do day pass members have a comfortable and supportive place to get their work done, but they are also within easy walking distance of great food in every direction!

Here are a few of our favorite nearby restaurants

The best option for:

  • Dedicated digital nomads

A quarter of those surveyed for the 2021 State of Remote Work report listed the ability to work anywhere as the biggest benefit to working remotely. For many remote workers, this translates into the ability to move freely from place to place. Day passes are a fantastic option for digital nomads who are just passing through Fort Collins.

  • Visitors to Fort Collins

Fort Collins offers a little something for everyone, making it a popular vacation destination. many people also visit Fort Collins for business or to take advantage of critical services available here, such as advanced medical services at CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. If you fit into one of these categories, a day pass or two may be the perfect way to add productivity to your trip.

*If you have busy friends or family coming to visit, a day pass to Cohere may be exactly what they need to help balance business and fun on their trip.

Flex Desk

The Flex Desk membership option at Cohere Coworking, as implied by its name, is designed to be flexible. There are four tiers of membership in this category, ranging from two flex days a month to unlimited access. Members who choose the Flex Desk option are free to upgrade and downgrade their membership tier from month to month—depending on their individual needs for that month.

A Flex Desk membership also allows the member the option to select a new workstation each day. Choosing this membership level means giving yourself the option to enjoy a different environment each day, whether that be the abundant natural light in our work area on the upper floor, the combination of bustle and privacy in our curtained hallway cubbies, or our new adjustable height desks in the basement workroom.

A part-time flex desk allows me the freedom to pop in and furiously type for a little while then disappear just as quickly as I came, or to interact with others when I need creative inspiration and community.—Cohere Member Genesea C

Ideal for remote workers with:

  • Easily portable equipment
  • A preference for variety
  • Variable schedules
  • A limited or inconsistent budget

New at Cohere! Adjustable height desks with dual screens

These wonderful high-tech desks change height from standing to sitting at the touch of a button and come equipped with two large monitors to plug your laptop into. A few of these desks are available as reserved desks at a slightly increased cost.

Limited-Time offer!! Pre-pay 6 months for reserved adjustable height desk membership and save $30/per month!

Reserving an adjustable height desk was the best decision I’ve made all year! Being able to go seamlessly from sitting to standing and back again has helped to ease my chronic back pain, and having two screens allows me to be much more efficient at my job.—Cohere Member Penny S

Reserved Desk Options

While flex desk memberships function well for most coworkers, they just aren’t workable for every situation. For those who have large monitors, copious cords, or complicated setups, a reserved desk may be the better option.

Individuals who are motivated by or find comfort in specific objects while they work, such as inspirational photos, office toys, or tiny plants, may also be happier with a reserved desk membership.

Preferred by remote workers with:

  • Unwieldy computer equipment
  • A soft spot for desk trinkets
  • Complicated setups
  • A preference for a consistent location

Private Office

Cohere also rents out a few private offices in the workspace—for community members who need the extra room. A private office is an excellent option for full-time remote workers who meet with clients on a regular basis, take long or frequent phone calls, or who need solitude to work. If this sounds like you, contact us today to see which offices are available, or to be added to our waitlist.

“I have really enjoyed renting an office at Cohere. Angel has been extremely flexible and has worked with me to make my office dream a reality. I feel more balanced and on top of my work by renting an office (as opposed to working from home). Sometimes, physical separation between work and home is a very healthy thing!”—Cohere Member Michelle C.

A private office is best for full-time remote workers who:

  • Require solitude to do their job
  • Meet frequently with clients
  • Regularly have long or frequent phone conversations

All in-person memberships incorporate the same on-premise benefits, including:

  • Access to stable and speedy business-class Wi-Fi
  • Black and white printing
  • External monitors and dongles
  • Invitations to low-key, on-site social events
  • Drop in phone rooms to take calls in
  • A well-stocked kitchen area with coffee, hot water, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher

Cohere Coworking has an option to fit nearly every budget and situation, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Review our membership choices and sign up right away, or schedule a virtual or in-person tour of our space.

About the Author: Cohere member Penny Leigh Sebring is an experienced freelance writer, neophyte speculative fiction author, and a gatherer of information and imaginary friends.


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