Outdoor Meeting Spaces in Downtown Fort Collins (For Covid Times)

There’s never been a better time to double down on having your meetings online but sometimes it’s just better to meet in person.

Finding a place to host a small outdoor meeting can be a real challenge even though just a few months ago, Fort Collins had at least 100 indoor meeting venues to choose from.

Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you. Over the years, Cohere has curated many lists of wonderful places for you to host business meetings of any size. Here is our link to ALL meeting spaces in Fort Collins as well as a highly selective list of delightful meeting spaces in Fort Collins. Most of that research has been rendered inoperable due to limited in-person and indoor venue capacities in recent months.

We have found some of the most wonderful outdoor meeting spaces where you can be physically distant but out and about in the world and they’re all right here in Ft. Collins. These “rooms” have a capacity as small as four and as large as 35 and all provide shade for you and your guests. Now is the time to snap up an outdoor space for your next meeting.

The Patio at Cohere

Nestled between historic buildings on Howes Street in Old Town Fort Collins, Cohere’s patio is the perfect place to get some work done. Whether you want a private outdoor workspace for the day or need to host a few coworkers for a fresh air meeting, Cohere can elevate your day on our second story raised patio. Includes business class wifi, restrooms and coffee.

Capacity: 4

Shade: provided by mature trees and a shade sail

Perfect for: coffee with best friends, small work gatherings, a change of scenery

Price: $15/hr or $75/day

Book the Patio at Cohere

The Pergola Gardens at Edwards House

Just off Mountain Avenue in Downtown Fort Collins, the Pergola Gardens at Edwards House is a delightful space to plan a physically distant, outdoor gathering. Includes wifi, private gardens, a restroom (indoors) and more.

Capacity: 10

Shade: provided by trees

Perfect for: board meetings, strategic planning or face-to-face interactions with your long lost coworkers

Price: on request

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The Outdoor Courtyard at Wolverine Farm

Conveniently located between Old Town Square and the River District, the Outdoor Courtyard at Wolverine Farm is one of the largest outdoor venues in Fort Collins at this time. Whether you want to DIY a casual wedding reception or host an epic crafting party, Wolverine Farm can help you get together outdoors.

Capacity: 35

Shade: half of the venue is shaded by trees, umbrellas and awnings

Perfect for: medium-sized gatherings, break out sessions at large farmer’s tables or any event you can imagine

Pricing: $50/hr, $25/hr for non-profits. Email to ask about availability.

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