Fort Collins Community Swimming Pools

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Swimming is not only good for your physical health—strengthening your cardiovascular system and building endurance, all while reducing the impact on the joints—but it is also extremely beneficial for your mental health. Swimming, like other strenuous cardiovascular exercises, releases endorphins, the natural feel-good hormone responsible for the runner’s high, which reduces both anxiety and depression. This high-value, low-impact form of exercise also improves sleep quality and promotes mindfulness by engaging almost all of the senses at once.

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For some individuals with mobility issues—those with severe arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis for instance—swimming may be the only form of cardiovascular exercise that avoids heavy impact to the bones and joints. Community pools in Fort Collins are finally opening up to more swimmers after a year of Covid related restrictions and closures. While many community pools cater only to their neighborhood, restricting membership to those who live close by, some community pools offer memberships to anyone living in or around the city. This article highlights the community swimming pools that offer membership options for all residents of Fort Collins and the surrounding areas.

Collindale Pool

3500 Lochwood Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 223-0640

Collindale Pool, located off Horsetooth, is a six-lane outdoor pool with both a diving board and a waterslide. Several amenities are available to help ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe while swimming at the Collindale swimming pool, including ample shade, active lifeguards on duty, and a shallow wading pool for babies and toddlers.

With two weeks’ advance notice, you can rent this facility after hours as a venue for parties and celebrations. Although the pool does not offer refreshments, you are welcome to have your event catered or use the grills that they have on-site to whip up something delicious. Staff will be on hand to assist with setup before, food service, running games, and clean up afterward.

Three types of memberships are available to those who reside in the Collindale neighborhood; family, couple, and senior. Those who reside outside of the Collindale neighborhood can still purchase a non-resident family membership, but the couple and senior membership options are not available for non-residents.

Collindale Pool Membership Registration

The summer session for Collindale pool in 2021 starts on May 26th and is slated to continue until September 12th. As this is an outdoor pool, unexpected closures may occur due to inclement weather such as lightning or temperatures lower than 65 degrees. Members are welcome to call the pool at (970) 223-0640 to check prior to visiting.

Village Green Pool

1831 Valley Forge Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(970) 493-2099

The Village Green Pool, located near Taft and Drake, has been serving the community of Fort Collins since 1972. This pool has well-marked lap lanes for serious swimmers, a large wading pool for non-swimmers, and the only outdoor high dive in Fort Collins for adventure seekers. A lifeguard is on duty at all times, but it is imperative that a guardian stays within an arm’s reach of any non-swimming individuals.

Splash Pool Services offers swimming lessons at Village Green Pool. Their unique swimming program with integrated levels ensures that swimmers achieve specific outcomes before moving on to the next level. Olympic-style springboard diving instruction is also available for swimmers between the ages of 6 to 18, facilitated by Norco Diving. Private parties at Village Green Pool can be arranged by contacting them via their contact page.

Residents of the Village West and Lexington Green neighborhoods and non-residents alike may choose from either a household or senior membership option at Village Green Pool, both of which include fifteen additional guest passes. Membership to the Village Green swimming pool also includes access to the tennis and pickleball courts.

Village Green Pool Membership Registration

Village Green Pool is reopening for the season from May 26th through Labor Day. Closures due to weather events such as thunderstorms and temperatures lower than 65 degrees will be posted on the gate.

Westfield Pool

1515 Westfield Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(907) 295-4077

Westfield Pool, located south of Horsetooth Road, between Taft Hill Road and S. Shields Street, is another fantastic Fort Collins outdoor community pool. Equipped with a shallow area for younger kids and non-swimmers, a diving board with a deep end, and lap lanes, this swimming pool has an option for every type of swimmer.

Six levels of swim lessons are offered through Splash Pool Services, as well as advanced and private lessons. Swimming lessons are typically between 25 to 40 minutes long. Non-members may also sign up for swimming lessons but will be charged an additional fee. There is also a propane grill for use by adult members at the Westfield Pool, just make sure you clean it and turn off the propane when you are done.

Memberships for Westfield Pool do not differ in either price or amenities between neighborhood residents and those that live farther from the neighborhood. They do, however, offer not only family, limited (couple), student, and senior options for the summer, they also offer a transferrable lifetime family membership.

Westfield Pool Membership Registration

Westfield Pool is open only during the summer months, this year from May 26th through labor day. In the event that the temperature drops below 65 degrees or an electrical storm develops, Westfield Pool will evacuate swimmers as a safety precaution, until the danger passes.

City of Fort Collins Pools

The city of Fort Collins also manages several facilities with swimming pools, both indoor and out—each with their own unique amenities.

  • City Park Pool, near Sheldon Lake, is an outdoor pool with two waterslides.
  • Just blocks from Old Town Fort Collins is Mulberry Pool, open year-round. Mulberry Pool is an indoor facility that includes an interactive play area with slides and water features.
  • The Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC) has both a swimming pool and an ice skating rink. On the swimming side of the center, you will find not only the main pool for lap swimming but also a wader pool and a therapy pool.

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