Ultra-Coworking: All-Day Virtual Coworking = Real Productivity


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Cohere Coworking wholeheartedly embraces the coworking core value of community. When our ability to gather together in Old Town Fort Collins was restricted, we quickly made adjustments that would ensure that the community we cherished would continue to thrive, no matter how physically distant we had to be.

We stayed in touch through virtual events, group lunches, and work sprints, helping each other stay positive and focus on the things that mattered. We also revived our cotivation sessions—this time in a digital environment. The program has blossomed so quickly that it recently expanded into two active groups.

Learn more about Cotivation here! New cohorts start every few weeks and it’s perfect for someone just like you.

While cotivation has gotten a lot of attention, it is not the only productivity-boosting online event to be added to the Cohere calendar. Every month—from 10 am to 3 pm—Cohere Coworking hosts a full day of online coworking, complete with three scheduled work sprints to ensure that you stay focused and productive.

We call it Ultra-Coworking.

How does Ultra-Coworking Work?

Ultra-Coworking gets things moving right away with a work sprint starting at 10 am. Participants chat for a few minutes, share their overarching goal for the day as well as their goal for the work sprint, and everyone gets down to business. Once the first sprint is over, the group reconvenes to discuss how their sprint went.

From there some members continue to work, others head off for lunch, and still others choose to attend the virtual educational Show & Share from 11:30 am to noon, presented by a different Coherian each month.

Participants gather for a second work sprint at noon—directly after the Show & Share—and then a third and final sprint of the day, which starts at 2 pm.

How does Ultra-Coworking Help Me?

Work sprints are incredibly effective tools for getting things off your to-do list. Not only does participating in a group work sprint help get you started on a project in the first place, but the accountability of declaring the goal out loud provides additional motivation.

At first I was intimidated by the five-hour calendar commitment that was Ultra-coworking but WOW am I happy that I blocked the time! Two of my biggest pain points are 1) not creating enough work time (vs. call time) for myself and 2) Being overwhelmed by my to-do list. 

Ultra-coworking is an opportunity to secure work time with other Cohere members and in each work sprint, choose ONE thing to work on and accomplish in that 60 or 90 minute time frame. It allows for focus, accountability, and community. This 5 hour block was extremely productive AND I got to learn about camper van life from another member during the show and share. I highly recommend trying ultra-coworking! -Julianna, COO

What if I’m not in Fort Collins, Colorado?

The virtual community at Cohere has not only provided Coherians with practical and moral support in navigating 2020’s constant curveballs, but it has also allowed us to extend our community out past Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. We welcome you in our virtual community if you live in Colorado, if you used to live in Colorado, or if you’ve just heard of Colorado.

Am I Committed to the Whole Five Hours?

Of course not!

Participants in our Ultra-Coworking days are welcome to stay online with us for the full five-hour duration, but life often intervenes. Stay for the entire time or just for an hour or two, it’s completely up to you!

How do I Sign Up?

Ultra-coworking is available to all members of Cohere, at any membership level.

If you are not yet a member, click here to sign up for a sliding-scale virtual membership. Get access to all of our social, educational, and productivity-related virtual events today, starting at just $19 per month!

About the Author: Cohere member Penny Leigh Sebring is an experienced freelance writer, neophyte speculative fiction author, and a gatherer of information and imaginary friends.



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