What's in a Coworking Tagline?

"be(ing) independent together"

Many people have commented lately on Cohere Coworking Community’s tagline of “be independent together.”  That coupled with a show I saw last night where the CEO of Frontier Airlines went undercover and asked his employees what Frontier’s brand promise is has got me to writing.

Let’s break down the tagline and discuss if it’s a good tagline for Cohere and if Cohere delivers on it:

BE: I’ve said it a hundred times in the last 7 months; Cohere doesn’t want to put walls around you, your business or the way that you work. Join Cohere to simply “be.”  I’ve never found a larger group of people who just accept one another. No BS, no sugar coating and no judgement when someone jumps up and down in their chair with joy or needs to put themselves in timeout for grumpiness. There is no existential problem here. Just be who you are and we’ll meet you there.

INDEPENDENT: Independence is the cornerstone and driving force behind most coworking spaces. Coworking was an invention of independent, free spirited people. You might be independent as a self employed person, a freelancer, a working stay at home parent, a solo-entrepreneur or as a lone soul working remotely for a distant company. No matter the category, you value your independence and thrive when you can set your own terms and schedule.

TOGETHER: Independence has a crappy little step brother named ISOLATION. Ever strike out on your own to discover that you wish you had someone with whom to share the journey, the triumphs and the challenges? Humans are pack animals and we do better when we’re immersed in a tribe, a community or a family. When the coffee shop no longer cuts it, you’ll come to cowork. Cohere and coworking aren’t about working in isolation. It’s about sharing your knowledge, learning from others and striving to help and be helped along your path to success.

How does Cohere deliver on its promise to “be independent together”?

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